Since the Stoic Socrates of ancient Greece, or earlier, people have been able to derive thoughts and goals by asking questions.

We can form questions by dividing thoughts by goals, and we can form goals by dividing thoughts by questions, and that is because the content of thought comes from setting goals and asking networks of questions. Ideas are a form of thought that come into existance from setting goals and asking networks of questions, even if the goals and questions are not consciously realized.

To apply this formula, choose in your mind a topic that you are interested in. Come up with a question about the topic in your mind or a goal of something that you want to do with that particular topic and fill in the blanks in the form. Then combine the question and the goal to create a thought about that topic that is neither a question or a goal, such as an impression or estimation or observation about that topic.

Otherwise you may fill in the blanks in the form in a different order, starting out with the parts of the Th=Q*G equation that you already have. Sciences are compatible, and in many ways so are ideas.

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Thought = Questions * Goals