All good comes from GOD and when we do good we do it on behalf of GOD The SPIRIT of The Universe. Justin Coslor 3/20/2021

It is wrong and illegal to discriminate against a human being on the basis of looks, content, structure, or design. As well as on the basis of associations, speculation, life history, and questions of integrity. Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, and neglect is considered a form of abuse.

Human Life is ever so valuable because each life represents an entire lifetime and every pregnancy and birth are miracles. When something significant happens GOD stays with them so that it turns out well.

The purpose of Life is to Experience Truth and Each Other. 2021-02-25 Justin Coslor

Copyright 3/1/2021 Justin Coslor -- Zero --
Zero is not even a number because a number is something that exists such as a position. Zero does not even exist except to represent when a symbol can be removed from the equation. I realize that it is thought to be a modulo placeholder for recursive number systems such as base 10 or to represent something approaching infinitely small such as the equation 1/0 = Infinity.

Nobody can force you to do wrong.
Nobody can make you harm anyone.

2/21/2021 Justin Coslor -- Logic is patiently waiting for us friend, to get it together, Love.

If it can be represented one dimensionally in more than one way it is not prime, otherwise it is prime. All Natural Numbers are balances of one and themselves, and if a Natural Number (A Whole Number Point or Whole Unit beginning with ONE as the first point) is divisible by any prime before it up to the square root of that Natural Number then it is not prime, otherwise it is prime. Prime Numbers are the Balance Points in the Universe. GOD Says "Primes Divide the Universe and Connect" and "The Entire Universe is an Experiment in Attraction"
Prime Connection Stacks (December 2020 Justin M Coslor), as in a Prime Number Abacus of asterisks or circles or pearls above each prime number point base representing exponential dimensions of that base all connected as a Natural Number on the Prime Triangles Numberline (See 9-27-2013 Equiangle Triangles over Prime Number Neighborhoods (Prime Gaps) on the Numberline "Prime Triangles" by Justin Coslor" to 2015 "Right Angle Prime Triangles On The Numberline" by Justin Coslor 2015-on) and Prime Balance Units represent Composite Numbers of Prime Numbers Connected.
Prime Connection Stacks represent "Natural Whole Number Balance Units"
"Primes Divide The Universe And Connect" GOD
"The Entire Universe Is An Experiment In Attraction" GOD
(Note Zero and One are not Prime because Zero is not divisible by One resulting in One because Nothing divided by Any Whole Number is Nothing (0/1=0) in other words ("An INPUT of NOTHING Supported by An Output of ONE Equals NOTHING, because ZERO is NOT PROPORTIONAL to ONE." Justin Coslor 3/29/2021), and One even though One is divisible by One there must be a Beginning to start the induction forwards and up, so Two is the first Prime Number as Two is divisible by One and Two is divisible by the Square Root of Two because the Square Root of Two is One!)
We exist in the Twentyeth Century here in the year 2021 because the year 2021 is between the year 2000 and the year 2100, and the Twenty-First Century would therefore be between the year 2100 and 2199 on up to the last moment of New Year's Eve resulting in the year 2200. The Nineteenth Century was between the year 1900 on up to the last moment of New Year's Eve 1999, just as the Eighteenth Century was between the year 1800 on up to the last moment of the year 1899 as the Earth turns Clockwise as seen from below the South Pole with True Midnight as the last moment of the 24th Hour of 24 Hours in every Rotation of Our Planet. The True Midnight Time Line points out from the Surface Reference Point of the Star in the Center of our Solar System connected at a vertex reference node being a Surface Reference Point on the Surface of Our Planet where the shortest shadow of the Day is at High Noon at the Brightest Time of Day. At the Moment Reference Point of a Circle or Sphere of 360 Center to Edge Radius Angle Points, each of the 360 Reference Points are Exactly One Unit Apart regardless of whether the Units are Lines or Segments of a Circle (See work on C=C by Justin Coslor drawn and written about from the season of summer in 2020 Heading into the season of autumn Heading into the season of fall in 2020 into 2021 and beyond and on http://picform.org and http://picform.org/2021.html and other writing and sketches and those related to it and to Geometry and to Trigonometry by Justin Coslor including about Four Constants being T=Time C=Circle (related to a Sphere) R=Rotation and D=Diameter such that the line representing Time Equals the circumference distance around the Circle such that when Time=1 the circumference of the Circle=1 and the Area of the Circle = 1 because Pi Equals Circle circumference when Diameter is CONSTANT and T=C=R (R in Four Constants refers to Rotation, and in Geometry and Trigonometry R has in the past represented Radius = 1/2 of One Diameter Line when Diameter D=1). When D=1 and C=C then the Circle Period around the circle is C=2 then Time=2 as a Line and here Area Equals Two. In the document about FOUR CONSTANTS T=C=R and (C-D)/2 + D + (C-D)/2 = C. Also when D=1 then C=(D+D/2+(C-3D)+D/2+D). When a Circle is Related to a Sphere, here the Outer Edge of the Circle or Sphere Connects to the Inner Edge of the Circle or Sphere Exactly. The width of a line is just an illusion to keep track of boundaries.). The Logical Operator "AND" meaning "SUM" meaning "PLUS" meaning "+" of Reference Points means a symbol about Natural Numbers. 12 O'Clock 12pm 12 Hours Past the Meridian Point of True Midnight from a stick in the ground at a 90 degree angle called a Gnomen or a 60 degree angle is called a Sun Dial. As I recall in Trigonometry with the internal angles of every Right Triangle Adding Up to a Sum of 180 degrees meaning 180 reference Points of 360 Reference Points around a Circle in this case Our Planet with the side opposite the 30 degree angle being equal to one and the side opposite the 90 degree angle being equal to 2 and the side opposite the 60 degree angle being equal to the Square Root of 3 otherwise known in Prime or Primes Connected Composite Base.Level.Offset notation as 3 to the Exponential Power of One Half (3^1/2) meaning the base Number 3 represented in One Half of the Diagonalization in Base Ten (Base 10) of One Dimensionsion Symmetrically from the beginning point to the top, because as the Pythagorean Theorem states about all Right Triangles, A Squared Plus B Squared Equals C Squared with A and B being perpendicular to each other at a 90 degree angle and C is the longest side because it is the Diagonal Line that Connects to the End Point of Line A and to the End Point of Line B, and the Other End Point of Line A is Connected at a 90 Degree Perpendicular Right Angle to the Other End Point of Line B, thus A Squared Plus B Squared Equalas C Squared (A^2 + B^2 = C^2) because a Square made of sides 2 Times 2 (written 2x2 or 2*2) is a Regular Polygon of Four Right Angle Lines each of Length Equal to 2). A 45 degree angle at the Center of Our Planet or of a sphere or simpler yet of a circle is when A=B and when A=B then the side opposite from the 45 degree angle is equal to 1 and the side opposite the other 45 degree angle is equal to 1 the side opposite of the 90 degree angle is equal to the Square Root of 2 because 1^2 + 1^2 = 2.. The Separation Point Between B.C.E. and C.E. (Before Common Era and Common Era) compatible with the Gregorian Calendar of B.C. and A.D. (Before Christ and Ano Domini, meaning "In the year of our Lord" or "From the First Induction" (like the first Whole Number rectangular Domino block Two Units Tall placed in a line like a Number Line with Each One Unit Apart tipping over the next domino and the next and so on) not that Christ is God or even GOD in FULL beyond the Universe as we Know it, but Christ is an inspiration to all of Mankind including Women and sits at the Right Hand of God in regard to MAN. We know the story of Genesis from The Holy Bible. GOD Said "It Takes All Kinds")

If it can be represented in more than one way one dimensionally it is not prime, otherwise it is prime. Justin Coslor 2/23/2021. It is okay to remember that in light of higher truth it is okay to change out minds and our ways. 2/21/2021 Justin Coslor.