These are generally scans from 2021 of some of my work (Justin Coslor).

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C.JPG Circle = Rotation = Time = Line 865 KB This is actually from 2020
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20210322CoslorJustin-When-C-Equals-3-Pi-Equals-3-And-When-C-Equals-4-Pi-Equals-4-Etc-Because D-Equals-D-Equals-1-AND-C-Equals-C.jpg 158 KB

When C=C C=(C-D)/2 + D + (C-D)/2=(C-D) + D. When D=1 All Four Constants are Constant.
C=Circumference T=Time R=Rotation D=Diameter and all are Constant.
When D=1 and C=C then at Period 1C C=Pi=D+D+D + (C-3D)
When D=1 and C=C then at Period 2C C=Pi=D+D+D + D+D+D + (C-6D)
When D=1 and C=C then at Period 3C C=Pi=D+D+D + D+D+D + D+D+D + (C-9D)
When D=1 and C=C then at Period 4C C=Pi=D+D+D + D+D+D + D+D+D + D+D+D + (C-12D)
When C=Circular and C around is equal to the Straight Line=C then C=C When Clockwise C=Helix Cycles seen from below such as Musical Tones in each Hz of Periods or of some kind of tuning fork-like sympathetic resonance then when the Helix Cycles stretch out as a Straight Line it goes Outward Ever so far from the Point Of Reference where the Helix Cycles Began or from where the sympathetic resonance connects such as where the resonance of one resonates with another or with many others somehow. This can be compared to topics that remain self-contained and thus continuous as in the structure of content and the absolute value of ONE that makes plurality possible. Rest assured that Energy is Eternal and in plurality space as we know it is potential for motion. That led to two questions: "Why do objects Rotate?" and "What is a Number?". The reassuring thing about Primes is that every even unit is countable as whole units nomatter what other Primes are connected to it and there are a pair of evens around every odd beyond ONE in a straight line or exponents as dimensions of the base of countable connections of units as in Unit Branch Connections of Natural Mathematics. I am a Philosopher of Natural Math and that starts with ONE and these are things that surely can help. The Principle of Science: Dream, Seek, Record Truth, Simplify and Extend, Apply. Circumference can represent a whole unit, and so can Diameter, and together they can represent a third whole unit as C+D. A Prime is not divisible by anything before it, and Primes Connect. As triangles along the numberline of points Two-Dimensionally in base 10 if the vertical points are equal to the number of diagonal points then the horizontal distance is countable in whole numbers.

See Upper_and_Lower_Right_Angle_Prime_Triangles_On_a_Numberline_With_Parallel_Sides (above) and 80.3 KB and
20151202_Justin_M_Coslor_Upper_and_Lower_Right_Angle_Prime_Triangles_On_a_Numberline_With_Parallel_Sides-01-LARGE.jpg 125 KB and
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Exam Questions (draw a picture and describe):
1. Describe the relationship between weight and density and bulk or mass.
2. Describe the relationship between motion or velocity or quantity and
progression in whole units. (Hint: motion = a quantity with velocity through space.) . . .
With a molecule made of the same kind of atoms (as a collection of the
same prime number that there are more than one of together) it is okay
and not wasteful to divide such a molecule because its atoms or atoms
just like it can always be reconnected to it.

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2021-08-24 Justin M Coslor -- interconnections-and-differences.txt
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Monday, Septermber 6th, 2021 Justin Coslor -- Matter --
We are all made of little bits of space from various places, held together by energy.
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Root-Two-Star--and--Crystalography-Square--and--Fastened-Ring-Lanyard--by-Justin-Coslor-2021-09-13-through-2021-09-14.jpg 419 KB
Root-Two-Star-Update--and--Crystalography-Square--and--Fastened-Ring-Lanyard--by-Justin-Coslor-2021-09-13-through-2021-09-14.jpg 419 KB
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Truth-Tables-and-Venn-Diagrams-and-Center-Objects-by-Justin-Coslor-2021-10-08.jpg 398 KB
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2-3-5-7-11-13-17-19-by-Justin-Coslor-2021-10-15.jpg 198 KB
i-And-The-Square-Root-Of-Two--by-Justin-Coslor-2021-10-18.jpg 217 KB
ONE is the CENTER of TWO
Center-Objects-of-and-between-Primes-by-Justin-Coslor-2021-10-25.jpg 190 KB
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Spaceship-Window-by-Justin-Coslor-2021-10-26.jpg 115 KB
Trigonometry-To-Clockwise-Transformation-by-Justin-Coslor-2021-10-27.jpg 353 KB
11/01/2021 Justin Coslor -- Insights -- In science and many other fields, insights happen at every step of the process, so write those ideas and observations and questions down on the side and draw diagrams to help map out the possibility space.
Cube-Space-Recursive-Dimensionality-by-Justin-Coslor-2021-11-02.jpg 478 KB
Center-Objects-In-Base-11-Part-2-by-Justin-Coslor-2021-11-05.txt A PRIME NUMBER SIEVE
GEOMETRY-and-RATIO-UNITS-by-Justin-Coslor-2021-11-23.jpg 252 KB

This is not the scientific method but it is related to the Philosophy of Science:


May 14th, 2021 Justin Coslor
-- The Principle of Science --
Record Truth
Simplify and Extend



Essay Topics:

11/12/2021 Justin Coslor -- Knowable Structure --
Knowable Structure comes from the commonality of objects.

11/12/2021 Justin Coslor -- Purpose --
For purpose to be a form of understanding, terms are helpful.

11/12/2021 Justin Coslor -- Terms --
T.E.R.M.: Teleological Examplified Relational Meaning; a form of
understanding. Dictionary definition of teleology:
"1. the study of purpose in nature. 2. the doctrine that natural phenomena
tend to a final purpose."
(Library of Congress Card Catalog Card No. 55-10446 (C)1981 Webster):

11/14/2021 Justin Coslor -- More Question Explorations --
Beyond the questions of who, what, where, when, why, how, which, spectrum
questions, and others (see Question Networks, and Question Thoughtforms, in
(SECOND EDITION) BY JUSTIN COSLOR"), are the Question Thoughtforms of
'If, Then', and 'While, Then', and other question thoughtforms to explore.


To order copies of the books that I have written in print or electronic format visit search Justin Coslor -- note: if you want to help me it is best to donate to me directly, my address is at the bottom of my homepage: Bulk orders in print are preferrable, but there is no shipping and handling fee in electronic format. It can be used as a reference book and as a textbook for students. Please realize that some of the text and diagrams/photos have errors and omissions but they are designed to inspire people and to build strong foundations of understanding and designs to form into conceptual frameworks. It is my hope that through publishing my life's work and making it available to others that my efforts will improve other peoples lives. Justin Coslor My photos have changed a lot over the years as have my abilities but rest assured that I am still out here doing the best that I can to make a difference. My disabilities make me who I am and I am thankful for the help that I receive. Think of me as differently abled and that I do care and encourage and try to see the best in each person that I encounter and I encourage you all to do the same and to help one another and to not give up on anyone, especially those who are in difficult situations, so place each other in good situations along the way and carry on. I know that we can do this and I trust that helpfulness prevails.