For only $20 you get 7.4 Gigabytes of military manuals (1,429 Files) and
ebooks (1,156 Files) as well as a bunch of Aikido and JiuJitsu videos
(382 Files). That is 2971 files in 462 directories, all on one 8
Gigabyte Thumbdrive (with 80.3 MB left over for your own use). Also
included are three free ebooks (published on that I wrote
myself over approximately a seven year period of my life. All files on
the thumb drive are public domain and without any copyright issues.

A free thumbdrive neck lanyard is included with the purchase (colors
vary). Shipping and handling is an extra $2, but you may arrange for
local pickup if you are in the local area. Thank you very much for your
business. Paypal, check, cash, or money orders are accepted.

When you email me about the product be sure to leave your mailing
address (to send the product to you) or arrange for local pickup,
specify payment method, and I will reply with my mailing address if you
are paying with check or money order (to send me the check or money
order). To purchase this product, email me at
Thank you!

Here is the order website:

[1000 US Military Manuals]
[Project Gutenberg -- The March 2007 Science Fiction Bookshelf CD
[Food and Water]
[Nuclear Biological Chemical Survival]
[Old World Survival Skills]
[Fallout Shelters and Emergency Readiness]
[Survival Skills]

click here for a complete list of all of the military manuals and ebooks/videos on the $20 thumbdrive: dir.txt